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Philip and Laura / Royal Botanic Gardens Wedding

I began a brand new season last Saturday by capturing Philip and Laura’s Macedonian wedding. It was a fantastic day on so many fronts, but one of the highlights for me was being able to photograph Laura’s preparations in her parents’ beautiful St. Andrews house, in the very same rooms she walked as a child. I’ve always been fascinated by the history of places, and the way that inanimate objects can almost imperceptibly take on a life of their own. Laura’s parents had built this house (and every mud brick in it) 35 years ago. Initially it was just the main room, but as children arrived they set about extending and an adjoining wing was soon created. The house today has a beautiful rustic grandeur, and an incredible sense of being alive. I photographed Laura’s father, John, sitting calmly, enjoying a coffee and waiting for his daughter to emerge in her wedding dress for the first time. And it got me thinking – could he have imagined a day like this, all those years ago as he made that first brick and raised that first beam? And if so, what could does that sense of satisfaction feel like?