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Cohan and Cecilia / Mornington Peninsula Wedding

It’s not altogether unusual for me these days to have clients who I don’t actually meet face to face until the day of the wedding. It’s not ideal by any means, however in the lead up to the wedding, as we exchange emails and phone conversations, I begin to inevitably put together an image of the person, not so much from a physical point of view, but more who they are, how they hold themselves, what motivates and is important to them. Cecilia is the perfect case in point. Living in Trafalger had made it impossible to meet initially, however I thought we might get to meet at Adam and Kyla’s wedding, as it was Cecilia who had pushed Kyla in my direction initially. As it was however, Cohan and Cecilia were attending another wedding on the day and only made it to Adam and Kyla’s after  my booking had concluded. Thus the mystery continued. When the 11th of March finally rolled around, I was relieved to find that Cecilia was exactly as I had imagined ; incredibly relaxed, generous and someone for whom the most important aspect of the day was that her family and friends were having a fantastic time. I find that to be a common trait of most of my clients’ – that they are most concerned that the day is not so much their day, as a day that celebrates the love, support and importance of the people in their lives that have lead them to the place that they now find themselves.